360° View on Flexible Workforce Management Solutions

Buyer and Supplier – we know both sides of the equation. With a solid understanding of the underlying markets and business drivers we implement and optimize efficient Workforce Management Programs and understanding customer’s demand and pain to design successful new services for provider.

For Buyers

 Why | Your Challenges

You need more transparency of content, qualifications and price of external services? You must ensure the correct contract type classification and that the selection of suppliers are in line with legislation and company policies? You want efficient processes and a high degree of automization?

HR & Procurement | Build One Team

A combined internal team of HR experts and procurement professionals is needed to establish a successful flexible workforce management program.

We close the gap between HR and procurement to create added value in all program phases from evaluation, implementation to operations and beyond


How | Your Journey


We analyze your current processes and gather information of your external workforce across borders and business units. Combined with a structured business readiness assessment and the incorporation of best practices we build the journey for a successful flexible workforce management program.


We not only consult and design, we help building the solution too. We configure the system, load data and perform system and user acceptance test. We create reports to support business processes and drive your business goals.


We understand that integration design is one key success factor to fully leverage the vendor management system with your existing system architecture. Combined with highly complex and configurable software it is key to create an optimum system design globally and locally, ensuring the most efficient operational processes.


The best program can not be run without the right people. We develop training materials and tools and enable your personal and supplier to leverage the key benefits of the program. We support ongoing system and configuration enhancements, incorporation of new legal requirements and updates.


We boost your business and IT transformation with state of the art project management methodologies and tools. We fully understand the importance of communication and change management and develop and deliver solutions to drive a successful transformation.


Once live a lot of data are gathered within the program. All too often capacity, time and skills do not allow understanding how to create business value out of this data. We analyze, fine-tune your processes and establish services excellence in your daily business.

For Suppliers

Why | Your Challenges

The gross margins in temporary staffing business, especially in the area of blue collar workers have increased over the past ten years. Even for highly qualified professionals in Engineering, Finance and IT the margins have become more and more under pressure. With buyer’s focus on this category this trend will continue or even getting worse. A solution is to expand your service portfolio with more sophisticated service offerings like Managed Services Provider (MSP) or Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO). You consider offering these services? Benefit from our expertise and experience. Get an instant overview about opportunities and risks with our in-house workshops or consulting services. As experts in this area we support you for the implementation and modularization of your offerings as well.

Invent and Implement New Services | Your Journey



Getting someone from outside of your company, with sustainable market know-how and experience, brings fresh ideas and creates a more creative team. Knowing your client’s demand and pain, we corporately create not only innovation but also benefits for your clients.


We support the implementation of your MSP and VMS programs for your customers. Implementations are usually cost intensive and one of the key success factors for your MSP program. Especially localization requires knowledge of the local legislation, the local market, additional stakeholder e. g. workers council and experience in tools and processes.

Assess & Design

Having a great idea for a new service is a good start. We guide you through the process from requirement analysis, internal capability assessment to service design. We understand the impact of service design to the implementation costs and take this into account at a very early state.


If you are a Managed Service Provider or just using your client’s VMS, we are certain to optimize process efficiency and gain additional business benefits. Technology evolves over the time your program is life. Combined with our best practices you can create benefits for yourself as well as for your client.