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Why | Your Challenges


The gross margins in temporary staffing business, especially in the area of blue collar workers have increased over the past ten years. Even for highly qualified professionals in Engineering, Finance and IT the margins have become more and more under pressure. With buyer’s focus on this category this trend will continue or even getting worse. A solution is to expand your service portfolio with more sophisticated service offerings like Managed Services Provider (MSP) or Recruiting Process Outsourcing (RPO). You consider offering these services? Benefit from our expertise and experience. Get an instant overview about opportunities and risks with our in-house workshops or consulting services. As experts in this area we support you for the implementation and modularization of your offerings as well.


Service Engineering | Successful Service Implementation


In product development, costs occur early in the design process. In contrast, for services the majority of costs often arise within the implementation phase. With a structured development and implementation process of new services (Service Engineering) the influencing factors are determined systematically and client needs and your own company objectives are becoming into focus. That way optimization opportunities can be determined at an early stage and the internal organization and processes can be aligned to the market requirements. We offer tools and workshops for the development of new services in accordance to the process model of the Fraunhofer Institute and the itb, especially for the staffing industry.



Getting someone from outside of your company, with sustainable market know-how and experience, brings fresh ideas and creates a more creative team. Knowing your client’s demand and pain, we jointly (corporately?) create not only innovation but also benefits for your clients.


We support the implementation of your MSP and VMS programs for your customers. Implementations are usually cost intensive and one of the key success factors for your MSP business case. Especially localization requires knowledge of the local legislation, the local market, additional stakeholder e. g. workers council and experience in tools and processes.

Assess & Design

Having a great idea for a new service is a good start. We guide you through the process from requirement analysis, internal capability assessment to service design. We understand the impact of service design to the implementation costs and take this into account at a very early state.


If you are a Managed Service Provider or just using your client’s VMS, we are certain to optimize process efficiency and gain additional business benefits. Technology evolves over the time your program is life. Combined with our best practices you can create benefits for yourself as well as for your client.

Invent | Assess | Design

You might have an idea already and we can start assessing opportunities and challenges and designing the service concept. However, sometimes you just see the need to add new service to your portfolio and we can help you creating new service offerings first. With a solid market understanding, in-depth knowledges about services, service marketing, the right tools and methodology we guide you through the process to your new services. How to get there? Schedule a telephone conference to align where you are in the process and how we can help. Get an offer with a detailed workshop description, an overview of the service engineering process for a fixed price.

Implement | Get things done

Besides the implementation of newly created services into your organization and into the market we offer implementation services for your existing MSP and RPO offerings as well. Especially the implementation of a MSP program and/or a VMS in a German organization might give you more challenges as you have experienced in other countries.

You need temporary support during the sales cycle?



Getting more certainty about the benefits you can achieve and the effort you have to consider?

You are coming from abroad and need help to expand your MSP program into Germany?


You want to understand which localization of the VMS and adoption of the processes are needed to align with legislation and local market requirements?

Just need an expert on the ground to bring your program live?


Optimize | The benefits you want

The alignment of people, processes and technology ensure the maximum outcome of your solution. This is true for a supplier, using a VMS for the first time and for mature MSP Programs as well. As a staffing supplier, very often your clients ask you to use a VMS for the req2check/P2P process (and most likely you are the one who is paying for the VMS). So why not getting your own benefits out of this? Use the technology as it’s best. Align your sales and recruiting process, challenge your client with data driven analytics and use the tool to get rid of manual tasks. Technology evolves over the time your MSP program is life. Most likely you can increase efficiency and switch from manual task to automated processes. This will save costs on your side and create a more reliable process for the client.


You prefer automated contract creation and e-Signature?


Create tickets directly out of your VMS?

e-Learning and advanced online help instead of ongoing trainings?